Q1: The email address I have registered with ACTRA is required to log-in or register with voice.ACTRAonline.ca. What do I do if I can’t remember or would like to change this email address?

Please contact your local Branch. Please do not email voice.online@actra.ca and request to be provided with your email address or have it changed from what’s on file with ACTRA. For security reasons, any changes must be done through your Branch.

Q2: I am a new ACTRA member. How do I create my own voice.ACTRAonline.ca profile?

You just have to register a profile with the website! Select “I’m a Voice Performer” from the “What type of account are you registering?” dropdown menu and input your Actra ID, the e-mail address registered with your Branch and your birthday as directed. Once you register, your new password will be sent to the email address registered with your Branch and you can use this password to log-in to your account. Your voice.ACTRAonline.ca profile details will also automatically be populated with the information that is already on file with ACTRA. All you’ll have to add are any images or demos, and agent/talent representative information you wish to have included in your profile.

Q3: Who can search my voice.ACTRAonline.ca profile?

All profiles are open and searchable by the public. Only casting directors and producers who registered with voice.ACTRAonline.ca are able to download demos from a performer’s profile.

Q4: Whose information should I include in the Contact field if I don’t have an agent or talent representative?

Performers over the age of 18 can either include their Branch or personal contact information in the Contact field. Because voice.ACTRAonline.ca is open to the public, profiles for performers under 18 years of age should only include Branch contact information in the Contact field.
**Please remember: all profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone searching the site**

Q5: I would like to update my agent information in my profile. Can I do this in voice.ACTRAonline.ca?

Yes! Just log-in to your voice.ACTRAonline.ca profile and update your agent information under the “Contact” tab.

Q6: I already have a profile on ACTRAonline.ca. If I update my ACTRAonline.ca profile, will my voice.ACTRAonline.ca profile automatically be updated?

No. Currently, voice.ACTRAonline.ca runs independently from ACTRAonline.ca. The only way you can have your profile information automatically updated is if you make any changes to the information on file with ACTRA (see Q1).

Q7: How do I upload my demo reels to my voice.ACTRAonline.ca profile?

Uploading a demo is easy – when registering your profile, just scroll down to the “Type of Work” section. Check the box for each “Type of Work” you wish to include then click the “select file” button below to upload your demo file (only MP3 files will be accepted). A minimum of one (1) and up to a maximum of two (2) English and two (2) French demos can be uploaded for each “Type of Work” (Animation, Commercial, Narration-E-Learning, Video Game) option. A head shot must be included if you select “Video Game” as one of your “Type of Work” options.

Q8: What do I do if I have a question that is not listed in these FAQs?

Please email voice.online@actra.ca for assistance.